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TFP develops and produces sophisticated thin film coatings for optical filters and other high-precision components in Regensdorf, Switzerland.  With 30 years of experience and modern facilities and processes, TFP is in a position to offer a broad spectrum of services and products:


- High, low and bandpass filters from 190 nm to 25 m-

- Laser mirrors

- Beam splitters 

- Cold and hot mirrors 

- UV-blocking filters 

- UV, VIS, NIR antireflection coatings

- Polarizers 

- Electrically conductive transparent ITO coatings

- Neutral density filters


TFP works with a wide variety of common and difficult materials to produce:

- Antireflection Coatings on glass and plastics
- Antireflection coatings on Ge,Se
- Structured ITO coatings
- Durable coatings on plastics


TFP has facilities and techniques to produce complex filter assemblies like:


- Segmented filter wheels for DMD projectors
- Multistage beam splitters and combiners

- Very small filter arrays

TFP coatings possess excellent spectral and physical properties:


- Extremely low sensitivity to temperature and humidity

- Excellent abrasion resistance and adherence
- Tight filter characteristic tolerances
- High resistance to heat and radiation

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