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Building on extensive experience in developing custom high-performance cameras, software and vision systems, Quest Innovations has developed the Condor-1000 series of multispectral cameras.  These cameras accommodate configurations of up to five CCD or CMOS image sensors from 1/4-inch to 2/3-inch or larger on precision color separation prisms with subpixel alignment accuracy

Condor -1000 Multispectral Cameras
Multispectral cameras can be built in many ways but the technique offering the most variety in sensor size and type, the most flexibility in selection of spectral bands and in accommodation of high-speed acquisition is prism-based spectral separation. See prism information here.
Quest offers cameras with prisms of two to five channels with various images sensors and several common digital video interfaces.  These cameras can include fixed or selectable bandwidth filters or even motorized filter wheels.
Multispectral Cameras

Condor-1000  Standard Camera Models

Quest builds the Condor-1000 in four standard models corresponding to 2, 3, 4 and 5 channel prisms.  For each of those models, four sensor types are available covering a range of performance.  All models may be supplied with one of three common interfaces.


Condor-1000  MS-5 Construction

The Condor-1000 MS-5 is the five-channel model of the series.  Shown here is the prism assembly for the version with the Cypress IBIS5-B-1300 2/3-inch CMOS image sensor.  


The separation prism can be seen with five sensors mounted.  This prism is compatible with most common lenses used on consumer digital SLR cameras but best chromatic aberration performance requires custom optics designed for the large glass thickness in front of the sensor.

Condor 1000

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