How to Order





How to Order
Alternative Vision Webstore
Many products offered by Alternative Vision are available through the AVC web store at Orders for these products may be placed through the webstore using PayPal as the payment method. For products not listed there or for any orders to be placed using purchase orders or credit cards, please follow the instructions below.

Pricing for all products and services sold by AVC is provided through a written quotation. Price lists may be available for some product lines but these prices must be verified by quotation.

All binding quotations are issued in writing by AVC. Quotations provided by AVC by voice or by e-mail in other than the quotation form are not binding. Pricing provided by AVC reps is not binding.

Placing Orders
All orders must be issued to AVC. Orders issued to reps must be amended to show AVC as the vendor. Reps cannot accept orders or ship products. Orders should be sent to:

Alternative Vision Corporation
4729 E Sunrise Drive #331
Tucson, AZ 85718
Phone: +1-520-615-4073
Fax: +1-520-844-6332

All orders must be denominated in US Dollars (USD). Orders in other currencies will not be accepted.

Terms of payment will be indicated on the quotation. Methods of payment include wire transfer, company check and credit card. AVC accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Terms and Conditions
The AVC Terms and Conditions of Sale may be downloaded here.


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