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Thank you for visiting the Alternative Vision website. In these pages, we are pleased to present a large and varied selection of unique optical and electronic imaging products and services. Our newest camera offerings are from
OptoMotive, featuring three camera lines, each with a color or monochrome CMOS sensor and a user-programmable FPGA.  Cameleon, available in both board and housed models uses Aptina WVGA to 3 megapixel sensors.  Camelopard uses Sony IMX series sensors. Velociraptor uses CMOSIS high-speed sensors and includes models with real-time JPEG compression to permit 4 megapixel image transmission at high frame rates over GigE.  We supply multispectral cameras with up to five channels using prisms from Quest Innovations, who offer GigE connected cameras, CameraLink cameras with frame rates from 15 to 120 fps and fiber connected cameras for secure long-distance data connection. We also offer stock and custom dichroic filters and filter assemblies from Thin Film Physics. For infrared imaging from SWIR through MWIR to LWIR, we offer lenses from Wavelength Technology. We also provide sensors. For high-quality color imaging, we have the Foveon X3 Direct Image Sensor incorporating the breakthrough layered-photodiode color separation technology that preserves full resolution in color images without the use of color filters that can cause aliasing. For the most unique imaging applications, we supply custom CMOS sensors incorporating the SiLM and ACT technologies from Lumiense for both area and line imaging in visible, NIR and LWIR. Lumiense can offer custom sensor development services at very reasonable prices. For industrial and scientific illumination, we offer a broad line of LED illuminators from LVS. These include bar, circular, dome, spot and coaxial lights for front illumination and several types of backlights.  Visible, UV and IR sources are standard.  To connect your systems together, we supply cables from Alysium Tech. These include everything from USB 2.0 and 3.0, to CameraLink and the new CameraLink HS.  Alysium can build an endless variety of cable configurations including high-performance harnesses.  They also have a full line of connectors compatible with the popular Hirose circular types including a unique low-profile right-angle connector. Finally, we offer a series of unique and hard-to-find optical components and assemblies under our Avicon brand including x-cube prisms, axicon lenses, laser collimators and germanium singlets. On our webstore, we carry additional product lines Navitar lenses, EPIX framegrabbers, Nathaniel fiber Optic LED sources, Sentech cameras, and an assortment of accessory items. We are always looking for new and different products to distribute. Please let us know if you see one we ought to carry.


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