Prism-Based Multispectral Cameras

We have a new website providing information on prism-based multispectral cameras from Quest Innovations.  Please go to:

Products We Used to Sell

Since we still show up in searches for products we no longer sell, here are some links to the manufacturers.  We may be able to provide products from these manufacturers on special order.  Please let us know using the form at the right if you would like our help.

LVS (machine vision lighting) - Link

ToupTek (cameras) - Link

Wavelength Optoelectronics (infrared and laser optics) - Link

A Special Note on Foveon

We sold Foveon color image sensors and development kits and cameras for these sensors for more than 15 years starting in 2003.  Several years ago, Foveon was purchased by Sigma Photo, a camera and lens manufacturer in Japan and their largest customer.  Unfortunately, since that time, the sensors Foveon has been designing are suitable for use only in cameras intended for digital photography, not for real-time imaging.  The last sensor that was suitable for general sale was the F13, which went out of production more than five years ago.  For a while, Foveon had an inventory of F13 sensors we could draw on for our customers but that is now no longer available.  As a result, we are no longer able to supply Foveon sensors of any type. 

Although the Foveon website still lists us Alternative Vision their Value Added Reseller, neither the sensors nor any of the industrial camera models shown on their website are currently available. 

If you have a requirement for sensors with stacked photodiodes, please visit and watch for new products.

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